The cooperation with enables to effectively find lost pets. To this end, all animals reported missing with TASSO are directly shared with the platform Have it Back via an interface. With the cooperation, the animal rights organisation maximizes the visibility of animal loss reports and increases the chances that the pets get back to their owners.

The animal rights organisation TASSO e.V. headquartered in Sulzbach by Frankfurt is the largest pet registry of Europe. About 5.7 million people have already successfully trusted the organisation in the past 30 years. As of right now, over 7.8 million animals are registered at TASSO and therefore protected from final dissapearance in case they get lost. On average, a lost animal gets reunited with its happy owner every ten minutes thanks to TASSO. That amounts to about 60,500 successes per year. The registration and all other services of TASSO such as the 24 hour emergency hotline, search posters, SOS collar badges, and the searching service are free of charge. The organisations found itself solely thanks to the donations of generous animal lovers. Besides returning pets, TASSO is active in animal protection nationally and internationally. The organisation also puts an emphasis on information spreading and political work concerning animal rights. TASSO cooperates with most animal right organisations and nearly all German veterinarians and regularly supports animal shelters with their cost extensive projects, for example. With shelta, the online animal shelter, TASSO additionally offers those looking for their pets a platform in the virtual world. TASSO is a competent contact partner for pet owners in all aspects concerning animal protection.

The cooperation with allows a more comprehensive and cross-platform search for lost property. Loss messages and found items are now displayed on the maps and the radar of the app. Searchers and finders can now immediately check whether a matching entry was placed in the area.

With, everyone can find out who their neighbors are, what interests they have, an what connects them with each other. It is the goal of to reconnect people an anonymized large cities. What other people get to know is up to the individual user.

Die Kooperation mit ermöglicht ein umfassendere und Plattform übergreifende Suche nach Fundsachen. Verlustmeldungen und Fundsachen werden nun in der App von dargestellt. So können Suchende und Finder sofort einsehen, ob ein passender Eintrag in der Umgebung getätigt wurde.

hoomn is the app that connect people while simultaneously adding value – no matter if it is about selling something to your neighbors, questions to your community, to make aware of events & parties, to spread local information, or to get insider tips for your next vacation trip.
With hoomn, you reach exactly the people who can help you out.


Lost and Found as a Service and APIs/Interfaces

Do you want to relieve your internal lost and found processes or improve the service quality for your customers by making it easier for them? Just contact us! We are happy to provide an individualized input mask and API tailored to your apecific needs.

Your company can easily submit found items to Have it Back.
With the Lost and Found Manager or the API.

Lost and Found Manager API


  • Reduced workload
    (Notice on your webiste is already sufficient)
  • Increase service quality
  • Reduce effort for your customers
  • Simplify internal processes


  • Make sure that it was not stolen at the lost and found office (Stiftung Warentest article)
  • Accelerate the "finding process".
  • Satisfy social conscience
  • Reward for finder

This service of Have it Back is excellently suitalbe for:

Trade fairs | Airlines | Airports | Taxi companies | Public authorities (police) | Lost and found office | Public agencies (courts) | Public transport (bus, railway, etc.) | Bus companies | Hotel | Hospitals | Amusement part / National park | Sports halls (gyms, skating rinks, etc.) | Pools | Organizations | Museums | Restaurants | Theaters | Concert halls | Events | Railway stations | Developers / Builders | Universities | Libraries |Stadiums | Bars | Private detektives | Clubs | Shopping centers | Truck stops | Furniture stores | Claims departments / Subject matter experts | Insurance companies | Electronic stores for used items | Pawnbrokers | Other companies that have to handle found items.