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Number of thefts in Germany

Bicycles 326.159
Cars 37.238
Thefts out of apartments 201.303
Thefts out of offices or storage facilities 145.883
Thefts out of cars 343.460
Shoplifting 361.759

Number of stolen cars worlwide

According to Interpol, about 7.15 million cars are reported stolen in 152 countries every year - those are more that 13 official thefts a minute. Profits made from auto theft are estimated to make profits of over 19 billion dollars.

Number of burglaries worldwide

5.5 million burglaries are committed every year. Those are more that 10 burglaries a minute.

Number of stolen bicycles in Europe 2.9 million

Number of lost and stolen notebooks at the 8 largest European airports

3.300 laptops disappear a week
at Europes 8 largest airports.
Those are over 175,000 devices every year

Number of lost and stolen notebooks at airports in the USA

12.000 notebooks in the USA weekly
57 percent are not picked up from the lost and found office of airpoirts.

Number of lost and stolen cell phones in Germany

Statistically, every German cell phone owner loses his his phone once every three years.
7.7 million Germans have at one point lost a cell phone.
3.5 million have had their phones stolen
2.8 million are unsure if the phone was lost or stolen.

The value of these lost devices adds up to 715 million euros a year in Germany alone.

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